Genomics Education Partnership Screencasts (Experimental)

Last Update: 02/18/2008

Welcome to the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP) screencast page. These screencasts are designed to showcase the various tools and techniques available to the GEP for sequence improvement and annotations. For your convenience, all GEP screencasts are available in four formats (See table).

To view the screencast on your local computer without installing additional video codecs or software, please save the .mov file if you are using Mac OS X and the .wmv file if you are using Microsoft Windows. Alternatively, you can view the swf file within your web browser using the Flash plug-in.

Format Purpose
swf Shockwave Flash Movie format for direct viewing within the browser
avi Compressed Mpeg4 video viewable using the Windows Media Player (with DivX codec) or the VLC Media Player
mov QuickTime format viewable using the QuickTime Player (default for Mac OS X)
wmv Windows Media Video format viewable using Windows Media Player (default for MS Windows)

Title Description

Screencast #1: Installing phred/phrap/consed
This 5-part screencast shows how you can install phred/phrap/consed on a typical Linux distribution (openSUSE 10.2). Right-click on a link and use 'Save Link As' to save the movie files. Click on the 'swf' link to view the screencast online.

Screencast #2: Incorporating Reaction Results - Running phredPhrap
This screencast shows how you can incorporate new reaction results into an existing assembly using the phredPhrap script.

Screencast #3: Incorporating Reaction Results - Using Add New Reads
This screencast shows how you can incorporate new reaction results using the 'Add New Reads' function in consed. This technique is useful in preserving any force join or tear you have made.

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