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MNase-Seq of Drosophila Embryos Under Midblastula Transition   (All MNase Tracks)

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 Nucleosomes MBT Embryos  MBT Embryos Nucleosome Positions   Schema 
 MBT Smoothed Coverage  MNase-Seq Smoothed Coverage for MBT Embryos   Schema 
 MBT RPGC Coverage  MNase-Seq RPGC Coverage for MBT Embryos   Schema 


These tracks show the results from Micrococcal Nuclease sequencing (MNase-seq) of Drosophila embryos during the midblastula transition (MBT).

The datasets were retrieved from the Gene Expression Omnibus database at NCBI under the accession number GSE41686. The MNase-seq reads were mapped against the D. melanogaster genome using bowtie with the following parameters: -m 1 -v 2 --fr.

The nucleosome positions and the smoothed coverage track were created using DANPOS2 with default parameters and --paired 1. The Reads Per Genomic Content (RPGC) coverage track was created using deepTools with the following parameters: --MNase --binSize 1 --normalizeTo1x 142000000.


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