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The D. melanogaster genome is searched against transposons open reading frames (ORF) profiles using TransposonPSI. The types of transposons in the library include ORFs from gypsy and copia polyproteins, cryptons, helitrons, DNA transposons, and LINE retrotransposons. The best chain per locus is shown in this evidence track.


TransposonPSI is an analysis tool to identify protein or nucleic acid sequence homology to proteins encoded by diverse families of transposable elements. PSI-Blast is used with a collection of (retro-)transposon ORF homology profiles to identify statistically significant alignments. This method can be used to identify potential transposon ORFs within a protein set, or to identify regions of transposon homology within a larger genome sequence.


The TransposonPSI application is available for download at SourceForge.