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 hiHMM 16-state (LE)  hiHMM 16-State Model for Late Embryos   Schema 
 hiHMM 16-state (L3)  hiHMM 16-State Model for Third Instar Larva   Schema 


This track shows the results of the joint chromatin state segmentation of the histone modification data for human, D. melanogaster, and C. elegans using hiHMM. The analysis results were lifted from the D. melanogaster Release 5 assembly over to the Release 6 assembly.

This analysis classified each genome into 16 chromatin states. The histone enrichment patterns for each state are shown in Figure 2 of the manuscript by Ho JWK and colleagues. The properties of each state are summarized in the table below:

2Enhancer 1
3Enhancer 2
4Transcription 5' 1
5Transcription 5' 2
6Gene, H4K20me1
7Transcription 3' 1
8Transcription 3' 2
9Transcription 3' 3
10Polycomb repressed 1
11Polycomb repressed 2
12Heterochromatin 1
13Heterochromatin 2
14Low signal 1
15Low signal 2
16Low signal 3


The 16-state iHMM models were obtained from the Comparative modENCODE / ENCODE web site.