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NELF RNAi vs. Mock MNase-Seq for Drosophila S2 Cells   (All MNase Tracks)

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 Position Shift  NELF RNAi Position Shift Nucleosomes   Schema 
 Fuzziness Change  NELF RNAi Fuzziness Change Nucleosomes   Schema 
 Occupancy Change  NELF RNAi Occupancy Change Nucleosomes   Schema 
 Differential Smoothed Coverage  NELF RNAi Differential Smoothed Coverage   Schema 


These tracks show changes in nucleosome positions based on the analysis of Micrococcal Nuclease sequencing (MNase-seq) of mock treated and NELF-RNAi treated Drosophila S2 cells.

The datasets were retrieved from the Gene Expression Omnibus database at NCBI under the accession number GSE22119. The MNase-seq reads were mapped against the D. melanogaster genome using bowtie with the following parameters: -m 1 -v 2 --fr.

The differential nucleosome positions and the smoothed coverage track were created using DANPOS2 with default parameters and --paired 1.


Gilchrist DA, Dos Santos G, Fargo DC, Xie B, Gao Y, Li L, Adelman K. Pausing of RNA polymerase II disrupts DNA-specified nucleosome organization to enable precise gene regulation. Cell. 2010 Nov 12;143(4):540-51.

Chen K, Xi Y, Pan X, Li Z, Kaestner K, Tyler J, Dent S, He X, Li W. DANPOS: dynamic analysis of nucleosome position and occupancy by sequencing. Genome Res. 2013 Feb;23(2):341-51.