FlyBase Protein-Coding Genes (Zip102B-RB)
  FlyBase Record: FBtr0089133
Position: chr4:310930-313913
Band: 102B3
Genomic Size: 2984
Strand: -
Gene Symbol: Zip102B
CDS Start: complete
CDS End: complete

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Data last updated at UCSC: 2024-01-05


This track shows the protein-coding genes that have been annotated by FlyBase. These gene annotations correspond to D. melanogaster release 6.55.


Thanks to FlyBase for providing these annotations.


Gramates LS, Agapite J, Attrill H, Calvi BR, Crosby MA, Dos Santos G, Goodman JL, Goutte-Gattat D, Jenkins VK, Kaufman T, Larkin A, Matthews BB, Millburn G, Strelets VB; the FlyBase Consortium. FlyBase: a guided tour of highlighted features. Genetics. 2022 Apr 4;220(4):iyac035.