Schema for N-SCAN Genes - N-SCAN Gene Predictions
  Database: dm3gene    Primary Table: nscan    Row Count: 2
fieldexampleSQL type info
bin 585smallint(5) unsigned range
name chr3L.17.117.avarchar(255) values
chrom contig1varchar(255) values
strand +char(1) values
txStart 5824int(10) unsigned range
txEnd 9497int(10) unsigned range
cdsStart 5934int(10) unsigned range
cdsEnd 9497int(10) unsigned range
exonCount 3int(10) unsigned range
exonStarts 5824,6080,6898,longblob  
exonEnds 6019,6837,9497,longblob  
score 9373int(11) range
name2 chr3L.17.117varchar(255) values
cdsStartStat cmplenum('none', 'unk', 'incmpl', 'cmpl') values
cdsEndStat cmplenum('none', 'unk', 'incmpl', 'cmpl') values
exonFrames 0,1,2,longblob  

Sample Rows

Note: all start coordinates in our database are 0-based, not 1-based. See explanation here.

N-SCAN Genes (nscan) Track Description


This track shows gene predictions using the N-SCAN gene structure prediction program with multiple Drosophila species as informant.


N-SCAN combines biological-signal modeling in the target genome sequence along with information from a multiple-genome alignment to generate de novo gene predictions. It extends the TWINSCAN target-informant genome pair to allow for an arbitrary number of informant sequences as well as richer models of sequence evolution. N-SCAN models the phylogenetic relationships between the aligned genome sequences, context-dependent substitution rates, insertions, and deletions.