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Pfam Transposon Protein Domains Identified by TransposonPSI   (All Variation and Repeats tracks)

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Data last updated at UCSC: 2022-10-20


This track shows the regions within the genome assembly that have sequence similarity to transposon protein domains in the Pfam database as identified by TransposonPSI.


A list of 124 transposon protein domains in the Pfam database have previously identified by Piriyapongsa and colleagues. Additional transposon protein domains in version 30.0 of the Pfam database were identified via text searches using the following keywords: DNA transposon, gag transposon, helitron, retroelements, retrotransposon, reverse transcriptase, transposon.


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Brian J. Haas, TransposonPSI, 2007-2011