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Topological Domains Defined by Hi-C in Late Embryos (R5)   (All Chromatin Domains tracks)

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This track shows the topological domains defined by Hi-C analysis of Drosophila embryonic nuclei. The Hi-C technique is based on Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C) and it provides an overview of the three dimensional organization of the genome.

The Hi-C results were obtained from the Comparative modENCODE / ENCODE web site. The analysis results were lifted from the D. melanogaster Release 5 assembly over to the Release 6 assembly.

The Hi-C analysis partitioned the genome into four discrete domains:

NullNull domains: weak enrichment of the insulator protein Su(Hw)
ActiveTranscriptionally active: enriched in H3K4me3, H3K36me3, hyperacetylation
PcGPolycomb: enriched in H3K27me3
HP1_CentromereClassical heterochromatin: enriched in HP1, Su(var)3-9, H3K9me2


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