UCSC Genome Browser on D. melanogaster Aug. 2014 (BDGP Release 6 + ISO1 MT/dm6)
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chr4:308,039-313,039 5,001 bp.
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-   Mapping and Sequencing Tracks
Base Position
Chromosome Band
GC Percent
RefSeq Acc
Restr Enzymes
Short Match
Melting Temp.
-   Transgenic Insertions
1M-8M Screens (R5)
9M Screen (R5)
GAA Screen
Chr4 Constructs
Landing Pad Lines (R5)
MiMIC Lines
+   Chromatin Domains
-   Genes and Gene Prediction Tracks
FlyBase Genes
FlyBase Exons
FlyBase CDS
FlyBase Pseudogenes
FlyBase Non-coding
Drosophila RefSeq Transcripts
piRNA Clusters (R5)
Pfam in RefSeq
FlyBase 6.06 Genes
FlyBase 6.06 Proteins
FlyBase 6.06 Exons
FlyBase 6.06 CDS
FlyBase 6.06 Pseudogenes
FlyBase 6.06 Non-coding
+   ChIP Seq Tracks
-   ChIP-chip Tracks
Unique ChIP-chip Probes
Pausing Factors ChIP-chip (S2 Cells)
+   Wolbachia Tracks
+   Expression and Regulation
+   MNase Tracks
-   RNA Seq Tracks
FlyBase Exon Junctions
Combined modENCODE RNA-Seq (Development) (R5)
modENCODE RNA-Seq (Development) (R5)
modENCODE RNA-Seq (Cell Lines)
Aggregated RNA-Seq Coverage
-   Comparative Genomics
Drosophila Conservation (36 Species)
RefSeq Drosophila Chain/Net
Drosophila Conservation (28 Species)
Drosophila Conservation (26 Species)
PhyloP (14 Species)
PhastCons (14 Species)
Conservation (14 Species)
Drosophila Chain/Net
(dm3) D. mel. Chain
(dm3) D. mel. Net
+   Variations
-   Repeats
Natural TE
Interrupted Rpts
Simple Repeats
WM + SDust
TE Density
Combined Library
Inverted Repeats
+   Updated Transcriptome Tracks
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