UCSC Genome Browser Mirror Sites

Sponsored mirrors

In addition to our servers located in California, UCSC supports and maintains these mirror sites:

Users are automatically redirected to the appropriate mirror based on their geographic location. Before redirection, users are given the option to remain on the U.S.-based server. See this page for more information.

Mirroring the UCSC Genome Browser

If you are interested in mirroring the UCSC Genome Browser at your site, see our mirror procedures. A license is required for commercial download and/or installation of the Genome Browser binaries and source code. No license is needed for academic, nonprofit, and personal use. To purchase a license, see our license instructions, or visit the Genome Browser store.

Mirror site questions may be directed to the mailing list genome-mirror@soe.ucsc.edu. Messages sent to this address will be posted to the moderated genome-mirror mailing list, which is archived on a searchable public Google Groups forum.

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