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Aggregated RNA-Seq Coverage (Oliver_rnaseq_Combined) Track Description


This track shows the aggregated RNA-Seq read coverage from 14,423 RNA-Seq datasets for D. melanogaster. The RNA-Seq bigWig files were produced by Justin Fear and Brian Oliver at the Developmental Genomics Section of the NIH Laboratory of Cellular and Developmental Biology. The RNA-Seq datasets were obtained from the NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database under the accession number GSE117217.

The RNA-Seq read coverage data for the 14,423 samples were combined using the bigWigMerge utility developed by the UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Group.


Remapping the SRA: Drosophila melanogaster RNA-Seq data from the Sequence Read Archive (fruit fly). BioProject accession number PRJNA481740.